Mario Sports Superstars Golf Mode Takes the Spotlight in New Trailer

Mario Sports Superstars Golf Mode Takes the Spotlight in New Trailer

Nintendo released a new trailer for Mario Sports Superstars today that focuses on the game’s golf mode, which seems to play similarly to the Mario Golf series.

Some of the other sports in the full game include tennis, soccer, baseball, and horse racing, all of which are playable in both single player and multiplayer. You can check out trailer for the baseball and soccer modes here and here, respectively.

At launch, Mario Sports Superstars will  have its own line of amiibo cards, which add undisclosed “fun bonuses” to the game. They will be purchasable in packs of five for $4.99 USD. Early copies of the game will include one amiibo card.

The game’s European site provides an overview of the game’s golf mode, which you can read below:


Fore! For something a bit more laid back, grab your clubs and head to the fairway for a few rounds of Golf. From the leafy pines of Emerald Woods to the sandy slopes of Crystal Beach, go from link to link and tackle the tournaments in golfing action that’s anything but par for the course.

As with the other sports, you can take a swing at computer-controlled opponents, or putt your skills to the test against friends near or far with Local Play and online options.

Tee off!

Choose the right club for the shot and swing away, taking into account the distance, wind strength and terrain. Advanced players can use the manual shot mode for extra precision, allowing you to strike the ball more accurately to add curve and spin to your drives.

You can cycle through several different camera options with the Touch Screen, so whether you’re teeing off or lining up that nerve-racking Birdie putt on the green, you can always get the best view of the action.

In Stroke Play, you call the shots – play up to nine holes and affect environmental settings like the wind strength, as well as the tee position and hole order. Brush up on your approach play in the training mode, or take on the Ring Challenge to prove your putting prowess.

You can watch the trailer and check out some screenshots of the game’s golfing mode below. Mario Sports Superstars will be available in Europe on March 10, and in the US on March 24.