Mario Sports Superstars Tennis Mode Covered in New Trailer

By Tomas Franzese

February 24, 2017

Nintendo released a new trailer focusing on the Tennis mode of Mario Sport Superstars today.

The tennis mode in Mario Sports Superstars plays like the popular Mario Tennis series of games. The most recent entry in that series was Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, which released on the Wii U in 2015. The game’s European website gave the following description of the tennis mode:


Tennis, anyone? Take to the court and serve up thrilling end-to-end action in this classic racket sport. Expertly chain together lobs, drop shots and more at just the right time to keep your opponents on their toes.

Mix it up

In tennis, it’s all about timing, positioning and, more crucially, choosing the right shot for the job. Lob opponents who’re adopting a high line, or pepper deep-sitters with some power shots into the far corner, using the Circle Pad to aim. Keep the rally going for a chance to unleash a blazing Ultra Smash and really overwhelm the opposition!

Simply sublime

Wield your racket like a pro and fend off all-comers to take top spot in the tournaments. Wow the crowd by performing acrobatic jump shots and showy chance shots, or, if you’d prefer, play in Simple mode for a more straightforward tennis experience where your speed, strategy and reactions become even more crucial!

Double the fun

Just like in the other sports, you can play solo or with others. Up to four can play via Local Play or online. Struggling to get the numbers? You can tap in a Mario Sports Superstars amiibo card (sold separately or as part of a software bundle), and have that character join as your very own Doubles partner, so there’s always someone to play with!

Other sports included this game are soccer, golf, baseball, and horse racing, which have all gotten trailers of their own. All of the modes are playable in both single player and multiplayer. Mario Sports Superstars will also have its own line of amiibo cards that can be bought in packs of five for $4.99. For a limited time after release, one amiibo card will be packaged into every copy.

You can watch the trailer below. Mario Sports Superstars will launch on the Nintendo 3DS in Europe on March 10 and in North America on March 24.

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