Mario Tennis Aces Adds Playable Character Diddy Kong This Fall

Diddy Kong will be playable in Mario Tennis Aces during the game's September online tournament, acting as a new "Speedy" character.

on August 21, 2018 6:17 AM

After being left out at the game’s launch, Diddy Kong will finally be joining Mario Tennis Aces. Participants of the online tournament during the entire month of September will be able to play as Donkey Kong’s sidekick immediately, with the character becoming available to all soon after.

Similarly, Koopa Troopa was made available through the July online tournament, and Blooper can be playable through the current August online tournament. Birdo and Koopa Paratroopa can be expected to follow sometime after.

Diddy Kong is classified as a “Speedy” character, with his unique Basic Shot, Trick Shot, and Special Shot all shown off in his own character trailer. Expect some flipping and swinging from the energetic character.

Our review for Mario Tennis Aces is here, and you can check out Diddy Kong’s character trailer below. Now let’s hope that he won’t have to be nerfed like some other characters.

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