Mario Tennis Aces’ Patch Knocks Waluigi Down a Peg or Two with a Nerf

Mario Tennis Aces’ Patch Knocks Waluigi Down a Peg or Two with a Nerf

Mario Tennis Aces sees a number of character balance changes with Waluigi and Bowser Jr. receiving a volley of heavy nerfs.

Mario Tennis Aces has been making waves since it landed on Nintendo Switch back in June of this year, quickly becoming the month’s best selling game. However, it isn’t without its issues; one of which is character balance. Like in all competitive games, character balance is absolutely critical! However, it can take some time to get right. The game’s latest patch is looking to rectify any wrongs by applying a number of nerfs and buffs to the Mushroom Kingdom’s finest.

While Toad, Toadette, and Wario enjoy a number of increases across a range of attributes from speed to volley height, Waluigi saw no such luck. Instead, the infamous underachiever has seen a flurry of well-needed decreases across the board. These include his lunge distance, his speed, and his ability to aim for edges of the sideline. All in all, Waluigi has suffered a massive six nerfs.

However, repeat offender Bowser Jr. has been taken down even further from his previous nerf, seeing a total of seven decreases to a number of his skills including ball return speed, ball return height, and a lot more to boot.

DualShockers reviewed Mario Tennis Aces, giving the game an 8.0 out of 10 — though we couldn’t hone in on the balance issues in the first week of its launch. That said, it doesn’t seem like consumers seem to mind all that much, given how well the game has sold since.

The latest balance patch is currently live and ready to whip your character roster into shape. Mario Tennis Aces is available now, exclusively for Nintendo Switch; if you’ve been thinking about proving your skill in the game’s online tournament, you can purchase Mario Tennis Aces on Amazon here.

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