Mario Tennis Aces Shows off Fire Piranha Plant in New Character Trailer

Mario Tennis Aces Shows off Fire Piranha Plant in New Character Trailer

New characters are still on their way in Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch, with Fire Piranha Plant arriving in June.

Last year’s Mario Tennis Aces may not be the first Mario game on everyone’s radar, let alone the first Switch game, but that doesn’t mean that developer Camelot and Nintendo aren’t still devoted to bringing the sports game some new content. It all kicks off in June when Fire Piranha Plant is added to the roster as a playable character. It sure has a been a big year for Piranha Plants, hasn’t it?

This isn’t your standard Piranha Plant, however. Classified as a Technical player, the Fire Piranha Plant, well, uses fire for its moves. A brief character trailer shows off some trick shots, where the Plant utilizes fire to gracefully maneuver around the court. Its Special Shot has the Plant use its fire breath on the tennis ball, turning it into a dangerous fireball to be reckoned with. No visible little footies under the pot, though, like in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Like previous additional characters in the game, Fire Piranha Plant is accessible through in-game online tournaments. From June 1 to June 30, players can receive the character by participating in such a tournament. Afterward, any player can get Fire Piranha Plant, starting on July 1. Previous characters in the game included Pauline, Boom Boom, and even an adorable little Luma.

Just like the Year of Luigi before it, I feel that this is slowly becoming the unofficial Year of the Piranha Plant. It was already an unexpected addition to Smash Bros., and players will undoubtedly find a lot to do with Piranha Plants once Super Mario Maker 2 arrives on Switch. What could possibly come next for the Piranha Plant? Best-selling plushes? A mobile spin-off game? We jest, of course, but someone from Nintendo is surely writing these ideas down.

If you missed out on purchasing Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch, and the Fire Piranha Plant is somehow the selling point to get you, you can buy the game on Amazon through this link. The character trailer, apparently the first of more to come, is embedded below.

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