Mark Cerny Likes “The Big Games,” Wants PS4 To Be a Platforms that Helps them Flourish

Mark Cerny Likes “The Big Games,” Wants PS4 To Be a Platforms that Helps them Flourish

While with PS4 Sony has been known to dedicate a lot of its resources to smaller and indie titles, its Lead Architect Mark Cerny likes the big ones, and hopes that the platform will help those flourish as well, as he explained at the end of the Develop Conference Keynote held earlier this week in Brighton.

As a gamer, I like the big titles. And the big titles are fragile in a sense, because it takes so much money and so much time to make them, that if there isn’t a certain stability that exists on a hardware level, those titles just won’t come to be. And so, you know, if you’re asking legacy, I would like to be able to look back some many years from now and say yes, I helped create that environment that allowed those titles to flourish.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House, who co-hosted the keynote, also expressed his desire to improve the gaming industry:

Yeah and I think it’s similar to me. I would love for SCE’s contribution to have essentially left the games business or the art form, the entertainment media, in a more vibrant, active form than it was before we came along.

I would say that, at least for now, that objective has been achieved with flying colors. Hopefully Cerny’s aim will be reached as well, especially as the generation progresses and the time required to make more big titles starts to lapse. At the moment we’re still very close to the beginning of this generation, and I’m sure there will be a whole lot to see and enjoy for the next several years.