Mark Cerny Talks About the Future of the PS4 and His Own, Mentions Making the Console Cheaper

Mark Cerny Talks About the Future of the PS4 and His Own, Mentions Making the Console Cheaper

PlayStation 4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny is the man that probably knows the best about the future of the PS4, yet it looks like he’s still a bit unsure on what the future holds for his new brainchild, as he stated in an interview on IGN.

The services will evolve. At the same time we’re not quite sure what direction that will happen in. If you look at PlayStation 3, at the start of that life cycle the games basically didn’t have downloadable content.

You were barely on the internet when PS3 launched in 2006. And Just in the last seven years this has all transformed beyond belief.

I think the feature set we have right now for PlayStation 4 is pretty good for 2013, but it’s also clear than for 2015 and 2017, we need to be doing some different things. We’re just not sure what those are yet.

When asked about his own future, he described what seems to be quite a busy schedule:

The Hardware work never quite ends, because first you make a console, then you have to work on making it cheaper, and there’s also evangelism, working with the developers to get their games really tuned into what the hardware can do.

At the same time I was chosen as Lead Architect because I’m a game developer and I’ve been spending a third of my time making games. I think for the next year I’m really going to get back to my games a bit.

It’s definitely interesting to hear him mention making the console cheaper even before its release. That’s just another piece of evidence that, while he’s an awesome orator, Cerny definitely isn’t your usual marketing talking head. Most Marketing executives would cut their tongues before publicly mentioning a price reduction when their console hasn’t even been released yet.

That said, Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick did mention that we’re probably going to see price drops earlier in the upcoming generation, so it’s nice to see that the issue is already on Cerny’s radar.