Mars Underground Kickstarter Reaches Goal; Coming September 2017

January 2, 2017

Mars Underground, from lone wolf developer Matt Sanderson, has reached its Kickstarter goal and has successfully been funded. Further, the game — after just 12 days — has been Greenlight on Steam Greenlit.

If you’re backer, this means that you’ll be getting a Steam code along with your DRM-free download when the game releases. For non-backers, it means the game will be available via Steam for regular purchase.

For those that don’t know: Mars Underground is an apocalyptic adventure game influenced by classic LucasArts adventures games, 16 bit SNES RPGs, and movies like Groundhog Day and Donnie Darko.

More specifically, the game centers around a unique time loop premise that explores the possibilities of branching stories and multiple endings in interactive fictions. In the game (as detailed previously), players play as a high school student dealing with common teenage problems: new school, mental health issues, bullies, etc. However, as mentioned above, the game’s focus point is the time loop feature, and until players can figure out what is going on in the town of Phobos, they will be stuck reliving the same day over and over again.

As for the gameplay, its a mix of classic adventure-game conventions and sandbox-style gameplay. As you play through and discover new topics, and acquire new items, the world opens up, enabling you to do more things each day. The game also boasts an original, and dynamic music soundtrack.

Mars Underground is in development for PC, Mac, and Linux, and according to the game’s Steam Greenlight page, is slated to release sometime September 2017. A new trailer, celebrating the game’s successful Kickstarter has also been released — you can check it out below. Or you can check out the game’s free demo over at its official website. The choice is yours.

Tyler Fischer

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