Mars War Logs: Combat Trailer Teaches You How To Survive On Mars: Be Ready To Roll, A Lot

By Masoud House

February 27, 2013

We’ve gotten some news on Spiders studio upcoming cyberpunk game, Mars War Logs–both a trailer detailing the story, and some new screenshots–and now we have a combat trailer that shows off the action behind the game. If you like to dodge roll, this is the game for you.

The combat trailer, which you can view below, shows off the protagonist, Roy, who must have taken some tumbling classes as a kid, because he cartwheels a lot. The game has a Batman: Arkham feel, incorporating a lot of dodging and timed attacks to take on large groups. The video also explains a skill tree (or wheel) that allows players to learn new abilities through Combat skills, Technomant skills, and Renegade skills. Combat skills give players improved melee and ranged weapon attacks; Technomant skills turn players into Technomancers that can harness and control energy, for special attacks and electrifying melee weapons; Renegade skills turn players into infiltrators, who can sneak up on enemies and lay traps.

While combat seems a little… lacking earlier in the video, later on there are some cool abilities that shine through. Mars War Logs will also gives players the ability to craft and modify weapons and armor for stat upgrades, and a dialogue wheel that will change the narrative as the story goes on. Mars War Logs is set to release this Spring 2013 to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC as a downloadable title. Will you be making a trip to Mars this Spring?

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