Mars War Logs’ Gets A Major English Rewrite Update, Available Today

Mars War Logs’ Gets A Major English Rewrite Update, Available Today

Mars War Logs, the cyberpunk RPG that puts players into the rugged boots of Roy Temperance in his battle for Mars’ freedom, was released on PC in April: but apparently there was a huge issue with the English localization. Big enough that the translation called for a major rewrite, to make the English script and voiceovers closer to Spiders Studio’s original French.

Luc Heninger, Director of Production at publisher Focus Home Interactive, had this to say:

“Mars contains a vast amount of dialog, even by RPG standards. The plot has numerous strands and the dialog often has many variants to mirror the hero’s changes in reputation. The tight deadlines between the game release dates meant that the initial English translation lacked depth and contained a number of errors; it was then sent to the recording studio, making the job of the actors extremely difficult. The actual game was thoroughly tested and released with very few bugs on PC, but unfortunately the procedures for the audio and text QA failed and allowed many English localization issues to slip through.

We realized the extent of the problem after seeing the first feedback from the press and gamers. The result was so far removed from what we usually produce that we took the decision to halt the submission process for the console version, which was due for release only weeks after the PC title. We have re-written the game text and dialog and, of course, recorded the actors again, replacing the sections that weren’t true to the characters in Mars. All these problems will therefore be fixed in the console version. An update is now available for players with the PC game, and we have also incorporated the new audio in the PC versions on the various download sites.”

With this update comes a video that shows off the first seven minutes of the game and the new English localization.

Mars War Logs is currently available on PC and will be today’s Daily Deal on Steam, at -33%. The game is scheduled for digital release on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in September of this year.

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