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Marvel's Avengers Game Will Come to Google Stadia and Apparently Not Nintendo Switch [UPDATE]

Google Stadia will be housing Marvel's Avengers (alongside PC, PS4 and Xbox One), according to new E3 promotional material ahead of the Square Enix press conference.

June 8, 2019

UPDATE: It’s also worth mentioning that Nintendo Switch is noticeably an absent platform for Marvel’s Avengers going off of this signage. While that isn’t necessarily shocking, it does seem to dash hopes for those who wanted to see it on Nintendo’s platform. Still, this isn’t official by any means and could easily turn out to be false. Stay tuned in the coming days as we learn more directly from Square Enix.

Google Stadia keeps ramping up support from developers across the industry, including for unrevealed projects. According to promotional materials outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center at E3 2019, the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers published by Square Enix will be coming to Google Stadia, along with PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This seems like a strong show of force for the nascent hardware platform from the monolithic company.


News comes from a Marvel’s Avengers fan Twitter account, that posted a picture of promotional art outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center to celebrate E3. You can see a big version of the Avengers logo with the brand information for Marvel, Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix, and Eidos Montreal.

Below the big Avengers logo we see “EMBRACE YOUR POWERS” next to prospective console logos, including the expecting PC, PS4 and Xbox One and the unexpected Google Stadia:

This is most certainly a surprise, given how little we still know about both the platform and the Marvel Avenger’s game.  But anyone who has now pre-ordered the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition is likely happy about anything they can play out the gate.

Worth noting, this will be the first Square Enix published game that is announced for Google Stadia. Other publishers have shown their support, including Ubisoft, Bethesda, Bandai Namco, Bungie, and 2K. So if this is to believed, it will be interesting if other Square Enix exclusives will be making its way over to Google Stadia in the near future — opening up a potential for maybe seeing Final Fantasy 7 or Kingdom Hearts III on Google Stadia.

Marvel’s Avengers is getting amped up lately, thanks to some leaks that popped out last week and some new merchandise that is available to purchase on Amazon. The game will be formally revealed at the upcoming Square Enix press conference during E3 2019. Meanwhile, you can see a full collection of all the games available at launch for Google Stadia.

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