Marvel Fans Argue if Tobey's Spider-Man Could Defeat Wanda in Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange is now available to watch in theatres.

May 8, 2022

Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness established Scarlet Witch as the strongest character in the MCU. That’s because no one, even Doctor Strange, could stop Wanda in the latest Phase 4 film. However, some Marvel fans argue that Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man could have defeated Wanda.

In the movie, we’ve seen Doctor Strange doing everything in his power to beat Wanda in a direct fight. He used the Darkhold to take over his alternate version’s corpse and unleashed the souls of the damned on Wanda, but nothing was enough to stop the Scarlet Witch.

When America Chavez got some control over her powers, we thought that her powerful punches would be sufficient to stop the Witch, but even that wasn’t enough. In the end, it was Wanda’s self-realization that put a stop to her killing spree. Then, she destroyed the Darkhold in every universe, so no one else gets tempted by its power.

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In the movie, we’ve seen Wanda going against some of the most powerful superheroes, and that includes the Illuminati. When Captain Carter, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Professor X, and Captain Marvel were introduced, we thought that Wanda would now have a difficult time getting close to Chavez. But surprisingly, Wanda completely obliterates every member of Earth-838’s Illuminati.

That scene not only gave us the most violent moments in the MCU, but it also gave us some of the best one-liners such as “what mouth?” or “Good. They’ll have someone to raise them.” In short, Wanda was well-aware that no one in front of her was powerful enough to defeat the powers of the Scarlet Witch. However, there are some fans who think that Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man could have stopped Wanda.

Some Fans Think Spider-Man Could Have Defeated Wanda

Recently, Moth Culture on Twitter put out a post in which they stated that “Spider-Man can neutralize the entire Illuminati and Scarlett Witch if he desires.” The post also states that Tobey’s Spider-Man wouldn’t have revealed his tactic, and he would have looked for an opening and avoided Wanda until he got some advantage.

Of course, the above post started a debate on Twitter. Most Marvel fans thought that it was ridiculous to assume that Spider-Man could have defeated Wanda since we’ve seen her dominating every member of the Illuminati single-handedly. However, it was definitely interesting to see fans putting different theories around the subject.

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