Marvel Games Looks to be Teasing Something Involving the Number 4, Could be Fantastic Four Related

Marvel Games Looks to be Teasing Something Involving the Number 4, Could be Fantastic Four Related

Marvel Games has suspiciously made a small adjustment on its Twitter account which could point to something involving the Fantastic Four.

It has already been a big 2019 for the folks over at Marvel Games with the announcement of a new project being in the works from some former Blizzard developers along with some big promotions for some of the company’s most recognizable figures. The announcements don’t seem to be ending there, either, if a new tease on the company’s Twitter account indicates anything.

Recently over on the official Marvel Games Twitter account, some began to notice that the avatar for the account changed, albeit very subtly. The logo for the account which previously just read as “Marvel Games” had been altered to now read “Marvel G4mes” with the number 4 now taking the place of the letter A. Marvel Games did this without making a big deal out of things, perhaps to see who would notice.

Naturally, there are a few conclusions that many will likely jump to with this mysterious “4” now appearing in the company’s name. One thought is that Marvel vs Capcom 4 could now be in development, a game that many have asked for since the failure of 2017’s MvC Infinite. However, this seems far too soon for another entry in this beloved fighting series and following the previous game’s failure, I doubt Capcom and Marvel would be so quick to return to the IP.

Another thought is that Marvel Games could be teasing something centered around Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four. This seems more likely for a few reasons, most notably that Marvel has a new event kicking off tomorrow centered around the World’s Greatest Heroes. Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Week is a new weeklong event lasting from January 8 until the 16th that is dedicated to the classic hero group. Marvel says they have a lot of FF related announcements planned starting with a new livestream taking place tomorrow. While a lot of these reveals will likely deal with the comics side of things, there is potential for some gaming-related announcements as well.

So should we expect an all-new Fantastic Four video game to be one of these reveals? I wouldn’t say so. As a best-case scenario, we could see a new Fantastic Four game announcement, but I think this reveal on the gaming side will be much simpler. For example, the Fantastic Four still haven’t made their way to Marvel Strike Force, the mobile game which features classic characters from the universe. Their addition to a game like this seems much more likely than any other options. Then again, maybe this is where we see Second Dinner’s upcoming game revealed and it just happens to involve the Fantastic Four.

Keep in mind that a lot of this is just conjecture on my own part, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much in any one way just yet. While everything is lining up for the Fantastic Four to somehow be involved in the gaming realm here soon, Marvel Games could have just changed its avatar as a way to promote this coming week’s celebration of the FF across all avenues of Marvel. It’s really hard to make predictions based on this information we have at hand right now, so you’re better off just waiting for an official announcement of some sort.

We’ll have to wait and see if this number 4 tease is at all related to the Fantastic Four over the next week. If there are any major announcements, we’ll be sure to let you know.