Marvel Heroes Developer Gazillion Announces Flurry of New Updates at San Diego Comic Con Panel

on July 11, 2015 8:24 PM

Developer Gazillion revealed a ton of new updates for Marvel Heroes. We already knew that Ant-Man would be joining the playable character roster but he’ll also be joined by┬áBlade, Black Cat, Kitty Pryde, Iron Fist, and War Machine. Meanwhile the 55th playable character will be voted in by fans over on Candidates are Green Goblin, Magik, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, and Miles Morales. New AI characters are Archangel (X-Force), Agent Venom, Carnage, and Spider-Gwen (voiced by Ashley Johnson) who will also be an alternate costume for Spider-Man featuring different voiceover and animations.

New skins include Rocket Racoon (Symbiote-infected), Spider-Man (battle-damaged), Jean Grey (new X-Men), Cable (Marvel NOW), Juggernaut (Fear Itself), Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Thor (Jane Foster), and Doctor Doom (Secret Wars). New playable areas are the X-Men Danger room which can adapt and change to include harder enemies with better loot, Limbo which was removed from the 2013 launch version of Marvel Heroes but back as Infernal Limbo and will be implemented during the upcoming Mystic Mayhem event.

The next big story update is going to cover the Secret Invasion storyline with the shapeshifting Skrulls. Improved Leaderboards are going to be introduced along with higher visual fidelity. Lastly developer Gazillion has put $25,000 on the line. There are now five limited”Vibranium Tickets” loot drops which when found by a player can be redeemed for $5,000. You can see an image of the new Doctor Doom costume below.


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