Marvel Heroes Omega Adds Carnage to its Roster on PC; New Trailer Released

Carnage joins the roster of Marvel Heroes Omega on PC today. His hero pack can be purchased in game for $19.99.

on July 20, 2017 12:46 AM

Gazillion Entertainment has finally released the highly requested and anticipated character from the Marvel universe to its action rpg Marvel Heroes Omega. Years after being released on PC back in 2013, Marvel fans can finally join the fight as serial killer Cletus Kasady, better known as Carnage. As of now, Carnage can be purchased in game, however he is currently only available on PC. Currently there is no scheduled release date for his release on PS4 or Xbox One, however it shouldn’t be too far from now. In addition to the release of Carnage on PC, Gazillion Entertainment has also released a new trailer showcasing his announcement, which can be seen below.

Players interested in playing as the newly released villain can purchase the Carnage Hero Pack for $19.99. The pack consists of Carnage as well as two costumes for him. You get the Classic Carnage costume, which is his default skin and the Spider-Carnage ENHANCED Costume, both of which can be seen below. In addition to the costumes, the hero pack also comes with a Carnage S.T.A.S.H. This allows you to store Carnage specific loot and other items in game. You also get 8 Fortune Cards and 2 XP Boosts.

Marvel Heroes Omega is currently available as a free to play title on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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