Marvel Heroes Omega Announced for PS4 and Xbox One; Coming in Spring

Marvel Heroes Omega Announced for PS4 and Xbox One; Coming in Spring

Adapting the wildly-popular online RPG for consoles, Marvel Heroes Omega will bring the expansive roster of Marvel characters to PS4 and Xbox One in spring.

Given that the Marvel Universe (of both comics and TV shows) is so expansive, the MMORPG/MOBA-influenced title Marvel Heroes has had players battling and playing as a variety of Marvel’s unique characters for years, with the game to officially head over to consoles in the near future.

Developer Gazillion Entertainment has announced that Marvel Heroes will be heading over to PS4 and Xbox One this spring through the form of Marvel Heroes Omega, a spin-off version of Marvel Heroes 2016 designed for consoles

Specifically, Omega will feature the large roster of characters that the original game had – including the Avengers, the Defenders, the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and more – across its nine-chapter story campaign, while also incorporating other play modes such as Midtown Patrol, Danger Room, and more.

No specific release date or timeframe was provided at this time for Marvel Heroes Omega, though a closed beta of the title will be coming in the near future ahead of its rollout on PS4 and Xbox One.

Marvel Heroes Omega will release for PS4 and Xbox One this spring – for a closer look, you can check out a gallery of images of the game in action below, alongside the official reveal trailer.