Marvel Heroes Omega Gets Xbox One Release Date

Marvel Heroes Omega Gets Xbox One Release Date

Over three dozen heroes will be available on launch for Marvel Heroes Omega.

Gazillion Entertainment revealed today that after a multitude of requests, Marvel Heroes Omega will be releasing on Xbox One June 20th.

Over three dozen heroes will be available with the Xbox One launch as 38 Marvel characters will be at your disposal.

Lead Game Designer Ben Gilbert shared a comment:

Soon, Xbox One players will get to experience Marvel Heroes Omega with its unique blend of non-stop action and long form MMO progression features, all with an ever growing library of playable heroes from the Marvel Universe

Gilbert was one of the head developers of the Diablo games, so non-stop action is an understatement. In Marvel Heroes Omega, you level up your character through various quests similar to your typical RPG. The game’s world, however, is more MMO-based and open world-focused. You can play either solo or co-op in any of the Trials or Quests, and completing them earns higher difficulty levels, XP and more powerful loot items.

Reaching max level 60 in the game let’s you unlock new modes for all your characters to use in any of the procedurally generated areas. These new level types combined with newly designed worlds each time you play allows for high replay value and friendly teamwork.

Marvel Heroes Omega is not listed yet on the Xbox Store, but will be available as a digital release only on launch June 20th. The PS4 version has not received a launch date yet as the console’s closed beta is still ongoing