Marvel's Spider-Man Creative Director Comments on Possibility of a Sequel, Mary Jane, and Avengers

Marvel's Spider-Man Creative Director Bryan Intihar shares insight on Mary Jane's role, the absence of the Avengers, and the future.

August 2, 2018

During a Marvel’s Spider-Man preview event organized by Sony Interactive Entertainment, I had a conversation with Creative Director Bryan Intihar, who shared some interesting details and insight about the upcoming game.

Quite a few characters in the game have a unique design. Asked which ones were the most challenging to finalize, Intihar mentioned Electro: his original “starface” design wouldn’t have worked, but the team still preserved the concept in the scar on his face.

For each character, they looked at the defining physical characteristics and color choices. On top of that, they considered the history and lore behind that character and how they could be modernized. According to Intihar, that’s something that the movies also did really well, for instance with Vulture.


On top of Electro, Silver Sable was “a lot of fun” to design. The team respected the tradition of the characters, but they weren’t afraid to add a new spin to it.

Speaking of Mary Jane, Intihar explained that she wasn’t particularly challenging, and she captures the feel of someone who is very capable.

The Ultimate Spider-Man series was an inspiration for Insomniac as it showcased that it was possible to place Mary Jane in a different role, alongside the fact that in recent comics she works for Tony Stark. That being said, they did not want to have her work for the popular alter ego of Ironman in the game, and Inthiar explained the reason:

“No. That would have meant “why isn’t Tony Stark in the game?” and if Tony Stark is in the game, why isn’t Ironman in the game?”

Intihar shared that the team didn’t really consider including an appearance of the Avengers. First of all Square Enix is creating a dedicated game. On top of that, it’s already difficult to get Spider-Man and his franchise right on their own. The priority for the team is to devote all the time and attention they can muster into achieving that.

In the end, I asked Intihar whether the story was created so that it was fully self-contained, or maybe the team left possibilities for a sequel in the plot, and if he’d like to turn the game in a franchise with sequels in the future. His answer was a simple but certainly interesting: “I like to think about the future.”

If you want to learn more about Marvel’s Spider-Man, you can enjoy my hands-on preview alongside some new gameplay, and quite a few lovely screenshots captured on PS4 Pro.

The game releases on September 7th exclusively for PS4. You can already pre-order the newly-revealed limited edition PS4 Pro and the game itself on Amazon.

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