Marvel Stopmotion Video Brings Some Humor to MvC Origins

on September 28, 2012 6:22 PM

To commemorate their recent release of Marvel vs Capcom Origins, Marvel recently posted a stopmotion video featuring the cast of the MvC franchise enjoying a nice day off. Cap’s having a Barbecue, and everyone’s invited. It’s hard to not make the Robot Chicken comparisons, but either way the short is pretty hilarious. Heroes and warriors that have done battle for over a decade finally bring the nature of the franchise into question, only long enough for Apocalypse to show up with the potatoes.

Unfortunately, Hawkeye and Deadpool can’t keep their words (or hands, for that matter) to themselves, and an inevitable fight breaks out when the Hulk gets caught in the fiasco. It’s nice to see Gambit, Rogue, Roll, and Mega Man featured, I’ve missed those guys. Stick around after the credits for a funny scene, I wonder if Rock’s new power comes with an alcohol problem.

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