Here’s Some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Hawkeye Gameplay to End Your Week

Here’s Some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Hawkeye Gameplay to End Your Week

Gaze upon the many bow-based attacks that Hawkeye has at his disposal in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Much as we’ve gotten every other day this week, new gameplay footage for the upcoming action-adventure sequel Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order has arrived and this time around, we get a better look at that of Hawkeye.

Again released exclusively by Game Informer, we get our first look at how the purple-clad Avenger will be playing in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Obviously, all of Hawkeye’s moves center around the use of his bow and he has quite a few different attacks involving it. Some of his arrow-based attacks include a scattershot, explosive arrows, electric arrows, and a piercing shot. He can also vault around and shoot arrows in the middle of the air, which looks pretty fun.

Much like I said a few weeks back when Hawkeye was first revealed to be joining the roster of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, I really love that his character model seems to be based off of the Matt Fraction run of Hawkeye comics. Even though it has been confirmed that there will be multiple different costumes to wear in the game, if I use the West Coast Avengers leader in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, I’ll probably just rock the same outfit we see him wearing in this footage.

Anyway, the new gameplay video featuring Hawkeye can be found below if you want to watch it. The game is set to release later this year on July 19, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.