Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Confirms Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel as Playable Characters

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Confirms Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel as Playable Characters

Two of the many playable characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 have now been officially unveiled.

There’s still not a lot we know about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Even though the long-awaited sequel is slated to release this coming July, news on the title has been relatively quiet since its initial reveal at The Game Awards last year and some brief gameplay footage we saw back in February. Fortunately, today we have finally received just a small bit of new info.

As revealed by Game Informer, two new characters that you’ll be able to play as in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 have now been unveiled. The first of these two characters is that of Hawkeye, the famous bow-wielding Avenger. His design in the game sees him boasting a black and purple uniform, which is very reminiscent of the look of the character from Matt Fraction’s run writing for Hawkeye.

The second announced playable character is that of Ms. Marvel. Rather than being the Carol Danvers interpretation of the character though, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will be including Kamala Khan’s version of Ms. Marvel. For those unfamiliar with Khan, she took up the Ms. Marvel mantle back in 2014 and has been Ms. Marvel ever since. Danvers, meanwhile, took on the identity of Captain Marvel. Khan’s powers are much different than Danvers though as she’s able to stretch her body in as a polymorph, much like Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four can.

These are just two of the many characters that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is said to allow players to utilize. According to Game Informer, the full roster is over two dozen strong, so we’ll surely learn much more about who will be playable in the game in the near future.

In the meantime, check out the images below to get an idea of what both Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel will look like in the game. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is slated to launch on July 19, exclusively for Switch.