Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Spider-Gwen Gameplay Footage Has Arrived

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Spider-Gwen Gameplay Footage Has Arrived

Get your first look at Gwanda, I mean Gwen, in action from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Hot off the heels of getting our first look at Miles Morales in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order yesterday, new gameplay footage focused on Spider-Gwen has today appeared.

Again shared via Game Informer, Spider-Gwen comes boasting abilities similar to those of the other Spider Family characters. Webs are her primary way of attacking foes but rather than shooting webs directly at baddies constantly, Spider-Gwen utilizes quite a bit of swinging attacks. One of these swinging attacks works as an area of effect move that wipes out numerous enemies surrounding her. She also has another swinging move that allows her to essentially teleport to the other side of the level to crash into bad guys.

Likely Gwen’s coolest move by far though involves her utilizing a giant web ball and then swinging it in circles around her head. It basically just a giant wrecking ball that looks pretty devastating. I said it yesterday with Miles’ gameplay reveal, but the Spider characters have always been my favorites to play as in Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Gwen looks pretty darn fun to use.

You can check out the new gameplay video down below if you’d like. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is slated to launch this coming summer on July 19 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.