Marvel vs Capcom 3 Could Have 10 More Characters

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Could Have 10 More Characters


Marvel vs Capcom 3 producer Ryota Niitsuma spoke with in an interview regarding various aspects of the game including the history, staff and character selection process. While choosing characters, priority was given to those new to the “VS” franchise but of course some of the heavy hitters had to be returning from Marvel vs Capcom 2. Of important note however is that he states there are about 30 characters in the final game, which means there are still about 10 characters waiting to be announced.


Any predictions or wish-lists? I’m still holding out hope for Squirrel Girl, who actually appeared on some of the “leaked” lists from earlier this year, as well as Taskmaster. Squirrel Girl is actually one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe (depending on who you ask), has beaten Dr Doom and Thanos in canon appearances, and has a strong dislike for Deadpool who she refers to as “The Bad Man”. Taskmaster however is capable of copying any move he sees, which I think would see him playing something like Seth from Street Fighter IV, with a selection of each character’s moves.

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