Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite DLC Character Monster Hunter Shows Us Her Moves in a New Gameplay Trailer

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite DLC Character Monster Hunter Shows Us Her Moves in a New Gameplay Trailer

Check out the first gameplay footage of a female Monster Hunter, on the DLC fighters include in the 2017 Character Pass of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

As you may have seen a couple of days ago, Capcom revealed which six characters will be avialable in the 2017 Character Pass for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: Sigma, Black Panther, Monster Hunter, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, and Venom. Today, they released a trailer showing off gameplay of Monster Hunter, a female hunter who uses her sword and bow for a variety of close up and long range attacks, respectively.

This character obviously comes from Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter series. She hails from Val Habar, a desert town that has fused with Wakanda due to Ultron and Sigma meddling with the two worlds. She also chooses to only go by “Monster Hunter” instead of her given name, and is an expert in tracking and taking down large monsters with weapons and armor she forged. During the events of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, this character is appointed as Black Panther’s right hand within the newly-formed kingdom of Valkanda, and aims to defeat Ultron-Sigma.

As I mentioned before, this character fights with quite a few different weapons from the Monster Hunter series, including dual blades, a bow and arrow, and a great sword. Monster Hunter can also power herself up by using the Tartarus Stampede and Demolisher Demon Dance hyper combos during matches, which improve her mobility and increase the versatility of her dual blade attacks. During one of her special moves, she is even able to use her great sword to soak up any attacks.

You can see the video showing off the female Monster Hunter alongside some screenshots below. While there is no confirmed release date for this character, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, as is the 2017 Character Pass that the female Monster Hunter is included in.