Marvel's Avengers August 17 Update V2.0 Patch Notes - War For Wakanda

By Dean James

August 18, 2021

Marvel’s Avengers has certainly had a rocky road since its launch nearly a year ago, but Square Enix is hoping that the Marvel’s Avengers August 17 update will be the one to get people back.

This is the update that has been hyped up for a long time, with it not only adding Black Panther but being a full-on expansion for the game with story content and much more.

This Avengers August 17 update release is very fitting too, as it comes right as this week’s episode of Marvel’s What If? series on Disney Plus features T’Challa as well, which will be rather bittersweet after the passing of Chadwick Boseman.

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Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther – War for Wakanda Story Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther – War for Wakanda Story Trailer

Marvel’s Avengers August 17 Update V2.0

Known as update 1.46 on PS4 and 01.000.021 on PS5 specifically, the Marvel’s Avengers August 17 Update V2.0 is the largest one thus far to the game. This is not only just adding a new character to play as in the maps like we’ve had with Hawkeye and such, but rather gives us an actual story expansion starring everybody’s favorite Wakandan.

When it comes to what the Avengers August 17 update means for the game as a whole, both Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are really hoping this means the player base will increase majorly. One of the biggest problems the base game faced was the player base dropping dramatically after release and never was able to recover.

If there is any character that could be added to reinvigorate a fanbase, it would definitely be Black Panther after as popular as Boseman made the role in the MCU. You can definitely tell that they put a lot of love into designing this character and world here too, so hopefully, that will be rewarded.

There is no question that Crystal Dynamics has made some improvements on the game over the last year that have improved it in a lot of ways, so the hope now is that returning players will see these improvements and stick around.

Considering Spider-Man is still coming for PlayStation platforms this year, the game itself isn’t going anywhere in the coming months. The question now is whether it will have reason to stick around beyond this year or not.

Marvel’s Avengers August 17 update has a lot to it, which you can read about fully below courtesy of the Marvel’s Avengers website.

Patch Notes

New Features

  • War for Wakanda – Ulysses Klaue has made his way to Wakanda, intent on stealing Vibranium for his own needs – and to settle a personal score. Black Panther brings the Avengers and his fellow Wakandans together to defend his home from the incoming threat. Start the War for Wakanda on the War Table.
  • New Hero: Black Panther – Agile and ferocious, Black Panther has a unique combat kit that utilizes his speed, Wakandan technology, and the power of Bast. Unlock Black Panther by completing the first mission in the War for Wakanda story.
  • New Outpost: Royal Palace in Birnin Zana – With sweeping views of the Golden City of Birnin Zana, the royal palace is the main hub for adventures throughout Wakanda. Complete with different bays for vendors and missions, this area is where you can speak to iconic NPCs such as Shuri, Okoye, and Zawavari.
  • New Enemies: The Klaue Company and Crawlers – Klaue has brought his best to invade Wakanda, and they have several tricks up their sleeves. From Bruisers to Strategists and their new Sonic and Vibranium abilities, the new enemies won’t go down easily. Did we mention the itsy-bitsy Crawlers?
  • Corrupted Vibranium Event – Due to Klaue’s meddling, corrupted Vibranium has appeared throughout the world. Take down these nodes before they poison the very earth beneath them. The Corrupted Vibranium Event lasts from August 19 to September 2 and will reward the new Vibranium and Sonic gear.
  • UI Updates – The UI has seen an overhaul to make the experience more organized. You can now mass transfer & dismantle gear by either hold actions or marking each gear item, lock gear for safety, access the inventory locker at any time, and much more. Read below for the list.

Reassemble Campaign & Avengers Initiative

  • In Agony and the Anthill, players no longer get stuck in between a cliff and boulder after the second checkpoint near an Inhuman cell.
  • In Alone Against AIM, Iron Man’s ranged attacks correctly collide against the roof of the bridge located right before the main AIM building.
  • In any HARM Room, players no longer clip through walls and go out of bounds when fighting an enemy near a wall.
  • In Mayhem Over Manhattan when the objective tells players to “Enter the Building,” players now properly face the objective after reloading checkpoint.
  • After completing the first objective in Beating the Odds, the box to the right against the wall now has proper collision to keep Heroes out. No, hiding in a box from Monica is not going work no matter how much you try.
  • An infinite black screen no longer appears in By Force of Mind if Kamala falls into the pit just before reaching Hulk.
  • In Beating the Odds, repeatedly stepping on and off the buttons that expose the batteries no longer makes the battery immune to damage.
  • After selecting a difficulty option in the beginning of the game, Operations will, by default, match the difficulty that is chosen.
  • On Xbox in the My Life as a Weapon mission, the elevator no longer infinitely goes down if Emotes are performed.
  • Unpolished hazards no longer appear in the ceiling of SHIELD caches that have a hazard-based mission modifier.
  • Fixed a rare issue in the tutorial mission where there is no button prompt upon first taking control of Thor.

Multiplayer & Matchmaking

  • When fighting Maestro in multiplayer, the falling debris now properly appears for all players. Maestro cannot turn things invisible, after all.
  • Players can properly be spectated when they self-revive after being in Spectator Mode themselves.
  • When the timer runs out in Tachyon Rift – And We’re Back, there is no longer a sudden audio drop.
  • After accepting a Strike Team invite, fixed an issue where the invited player who selects the Companion Preferences button would be incorrectly taken to the Settings menu.
  • When the Heroic Gauntlet is completed with a Strike Team with only one person left standing, the War Table no longer look jumbled for those who went down during the fight.
  • Fixed an issue where players would experience an infinite loading screen while playing Future Imperfect if the host of the Strike Team leaves before unlocking multiplayer or not having any progression.

Art & Animation

  • When Kate uses her Drummer Girl Emote, the arrows no longer disappear halfway through the animation.
  • Thor’s hair properly turns invisible in his Battle Guard and King Thor Outfits when affected by invisibility. His gorgeous godly locks are not immune to invisibility.
  • When Hulk uses the Not Worth My Time Takedown, he no longer gets pushed away.
  • The Quinjet’s hangar door no longer overlaps the sides of the floor when opened.
  • When Black Widow uses any Emote that utilizes a single pistol, only one pistol disappears from her holster rather than two.
  • Kate’s boots in her Swan Dive Outfit are now white to match the Marketplace preview of it.
  • Thor’s Hardware Store Outfit now correctly has an undershirt that is visible when performing certain attacks. He gets cold.
  • Kate’s hair in the Steampunk Outfit no longer appears blonde in cutscenes and now properly appears as black.
  • Captain America’s shield properly appears in all By Force of Mind cinematics when his Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame Outfit is equipped.
  • Kamala no longer slides or warps when performing the Making My Own Fun Takedown.
  • [PC] The large pixelated band no longer appears at the bottom of the screen for players with an Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card.
  • Captain America’s shield now shows up in mirrors when he is wearing his Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame Outfit.
  • Hulk’s Undefeated Outfit no longer has black polygons near his shoulders.
  • Black Widow’s Liquidator and Neon Razor Outfits now have a gun in the right holster where there wasn’t one before.
  • [PC] For Nvidia users, please ensure you have the latest driver. We recommend driver version 471.68 or higher. This can be found here:

User Interface

  • UI Updates:           
    • Locking
    • Dismantle and Mass Dismantle
    • Transfer and mass transferring items to locker
    • Hold actions for dismantling and transferring items in a row without having to mark each one
    • Accessing the locker from the menus to move things back and forth
    • Quick tabbing between slots without moving the cursor and keeping gear highlighted
    • Pinning open the gear compare option while tabbing between slots
    • Pinning character stats while tabbing between slots
    • D-pad usability throughout the character menu    
  • In the Quinjet after completing a mission, the “Select” button now says “Mission Select.”
  • Players can now use LB and RB on a controller to navigate through the menu from the Marketplace tab.
  • Fixed an issue while using mouse and keyboard in Photo Mode where the option buttons would not work after unhiding the UI with a right-click.
  • Using mouse and keyboard in Photo Mode and pressing A and D to select different options no longer also moves the camera.
  • When using mouse and keyboard with Heroes that can fly, the camera no longer jitters and is much smoother.
  • To address UI menu issues the player is now prevented from entering the character menu when downed and awaiting revival.
  • When trying to activate a Hero’s Catalyst right as another one expires, the icon of the new one no longer appears partially green.
  • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu background would sometimes become fully white rather than with the proper hexes.
  • After completing Missing Links, the “New Hero Available” UI for Hulk now properly appears in front of everything else.
  • Mission titles and descriptions no longer appear in English if the selected language is Spanish (Latin America).
  • Fixed an issue where after accepting an invite from another player, hovering over the Hero icons in the Hero Selection UI would cause a loop in the audio and visual effects of the icon.
  • [PC] Pressing ESC while on Companion Preferences on a Hero Terminal brings players back to Hero Selection instead of the Main Menu.
  • [PC] After launching a mission, switching away to another application no longer makes the game lock up.


  • Kate’s Quantum Optimizer Skill reduces the proper amount of Intrinsic Energy used when she performs a light or heavy Intrinsic attack.
  • Kate’s Quantum Shroud Skill reduces the proper amount of damage after activating Quantum Overdrive.
  • In Beating the Odds, Monica’s Electricity Clone now properly attacks Heroes who can fly.
  • Kate can properly grab ledges after using Warp Arrow.
  • Quantum Pulse no longer activates when Kate is not using Quantum Overdrive.
  • Hawkeye’s Extended Focus Skill now properly grants the 2-second boost to the Locked On buff.
  • Hawkeye’s Overcharge Endurance Skill now works as intended where the player must have Extended Focus in order to extend Locked On by 2 seconds.
  • Hulk’s Thunderclap now properly damages turbines in the Communication Nexus mission.
  • Kate can now properly parry yellow attacks from Elite Synthoids.
  • Kate’s Quantum Arc and Quantum Lift Skills function properly after a successful parry.
  • Hulk can no longer be interrupted when using Stranglehold right before an unblockable attack hits him.
  • Fixed an issue in Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion where the countdown timer during the bubble phase would sometimes not appear.
  • Reactive Gear Perks no longer trigger when perfectly evading AoE attacks.

Gear, Challenges & Rewards

  • Hero Set Gear Changes:         
    • Moved several perks around to better reinforce set themes for all heroes (more details on this in an upcoming blog)         
      • Brooklyn Brawler Bulwark added as fixed perk to Captain Americas Iron Gloves of the Nomad and Harbingers of the Nomad         
        • 15% reduced incoming damage while Brawler is active
      • Defenders Retaliation added to Captain Americas Rampart of the Nomad         
        • Regen intrinsic energy when taking damage  
      • Captain Americas Super Solider family has added Brooklyn Brawler Amplifier to the melee slot as its fixed perk         
        • Increased status damage while Brawler is active 
      • Hulk has more perks fixed focusing on grab attacks and boosting damage potential on his Worldbreaker’s Set
      • Thor has replaced a few generic perks, with perks focusing on regenerating and increasing the max capacity of Odinforce in his Thunderer’s set 
    • The following gear sets now have unique names:         
      • Shield Payload Gear Set
      • SHIELD’s Mark (Ranged)
      • SHIELD’s Breach (Melee)
      • SHIELD’s Conclave (Heroic)
      • SHIELD’s Hull (Defense) 
    • Pym Payload Gear Set         
      • Pym’s Compress Unit (Ranged)
      • Pym’s Minute Unit (Melee)
      • Pym’s Wither Unit (Heroic)
      • Pym’s Contingency Unit (Defense)  
    • JARVIS Gear Set        
      • JARVIS Pinpoint Barrier (Ranged)
      • JARVIS Broil Barrier (Melee)
      • JARVIS Zenith Barrier –(Heroic)
      • JARVIS Deter Barrier (Defense) 
    • Hero Set Gear has a small chance to roll with perks that will apply Cosmic status to enemies via attacks
    • The Wakanda Gear Vendor Specialty Offers will offer a random selection the following:        
      • PYM Payload gear
      • Vibranium Payload gear
      • Sonic Gear
      • All specialty gear offered on this vendor will scale in quality based off of the level of the Hero that is visiting the vendor 
  • Hero and Gear stats no longer randomly fluctuate.
  • Branded Gear obtained in the Mission Summary screen now have logos in their thumbnails.
  • Hawkeye’s Challenge Card Mission “I Never Miss” properly increments when getting 10 consecutive hits without missing.
  • Black Widow’s Challenge Card Mission “Bowling Practice” now properly states that knockbacks are required rather than knockdowns.
  • The full Maestro comic set no longer unlocks after only obtaining a single one. Players now need to collect all 5. If players had all 5 before this patch, they will now need to go collect the other 4.
  • The Elite Dreadbot Codex entry now retroactively unlocks after defeating Dr. Getz in Young Avengers.
  • Players can no longer purchase the same specialty item multiple items at a Faction Vendor.

Known Issues

  • In the Corrupted Vibranium Event, Iron Man’s mission chain objective that states players need to “Defeat enemies with Power Attacks while using Hulkbuster” is supposed to be “Defeat enemies with Light Power Attacks while using Hulkbuster.”
  • Hawkeye aims up when using his grappling arrow.
  • Black Panther’s Challenge Card has some placeholder text in the descriptions.
  • Thor’s cape in his “Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame” Outfit clips through his body.
  • When Thor wears his “Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame” Outfit and stands in front of a mirror, his body is missing in the reflection.
  • Subtitles are mistimed in The Sound and the Fury.
  • Iron Man’s hero challenge “Laser Light Show” is not progressing as needed and will be addressed in a later patch

There are certainly no shortage of new additions and changes within the Marvel’s Avengers August 17 update patch. While you may not feel the need to read through everything, at least check out the relevant sections that tell you what is brand new with the War for Wakanda expansion.

Marvel’s Avengers is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

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