Marvel’s Avengers is Said to Feature Co-Op with Four Players and Customization

Marvel’s Avengers is Said to Feature Co-Op with Four Players and Customization

Some of the first sparse details of Marvel's Avengers have now leaked a bit early.

Yesterday, we finally learned that we’re destined to see and learn more about Marvel’s Avengers during Square Enix’s live event at E3 2019. While the game has been in the public consciousness since 2017, there’s still next to nothing that we actually know about the game. Luckily, thanks to a recent leak, that has changed.

Via PC Gamer, some of the first details of Marvel’s Avengers have now come about thanks to the description of the game’s panel at E3 Coliseum. The game is said to not be strictly single-player and will instead offer co-op that will extend up to four players. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to customize the heroes that you can control and use their powers together to defeat enemies. Honestly, it sounds a bit like Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

The full description of the panel revealing these details has since been scrubbed from the E3 Coliseum website, but here’s what it stated in full:

“Embrace your powers and join key members of the development team at Crystal Dynamics and the creative team at Marvel Games as they talk exclusively about the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers. This is the defining Avengers gaming experience: an epic action-adventure that combines cinematic storytelling with continuous single-player and co-operative gameplay. Moderated by Andrea Rene, assemble in teams up to four players, master extraordinary abilities, customize your heroes to fit your playstyle, and combine powers to defend an ever-expanding world under constant threat.”

Coming into Marvel’s Avengers, I was really holding out hope that it’d be a co-op experience of some sort. Even though a strictly single-player game would have probably been just as rad, I’m excited knowing that this is a game I’ll be able to play with some buddies. Dibs on using Captain America in advance, though.

We still don’t know anything specific regarding platforms or a release window for Marvel’s Avengers, but stay tuned in the coming weeks where we’ll surely learn and see a whole lot more.