Marvel’s Avengers Reportedly Has Even More Exclusive Skins

Marvel’s Avengers Reportedly Has Even More Exclusive Skins

Marvel's Avengers reportedly offering Verizon, Virgin Media and Intel customers exclusive skins.

Marvel’s Avengers is embroiled in a little bit of an exclusivity based controversy at the moment. First of all, there was the announcement that one of Marvel’s most beloved superheroes, Spider-Man, would be coming to the game but would be exclusively tied to both the PS4 and PS5. Then, Sony released a trailer for the game shouting about more Playstation exclusive content that, although is only cosmetic, still excludes a percentage of the player base.

Now, if a post on Reddit is to be believed, you will even be able to gain exclusive skins based on your choice of phone and cable provider. The post, by u/smooth4254 details potential upcoming collaborations with US and British telecoms giants Verizon and Virgin Media and technology stalwarts Intel.

The Verizon/Virgin Media skins see the band of heroes donning a distinctly red set of outfits, while the Intel cosmetics are more mixed. The Intel skins see Thor wearing a slightly more classic outfit and Hulk sporting a rather large gold chain.

Marvel's Avengers Exclusive Skins

While players are unhappy that Spider-Man is a Playstation exclusive character, it has been confirmed he is the only one, meaning from here on out it will only be exclusive skins and potentially other cosmetics.

Marvel’s Avengers has just had the first of three beta weekends, this one being specifically for customers who pre-ordered on PS4. The beta, which is also having a crossover event with Fortnite, will be open to all PS4 players and Xbox pre-order customers next weekend (August 14-16) before being opened up to everybody the following weekend (August 21-23). We got to preview the game prior to the beta and said that it “isn’t terrible by any means” but “it also isn’t blowing me away”.

Depending on your stance, platform-exclusive content may either suck or be a selling point – but if one thing’s for certain, it gets people talking about your game, and you know what they say, no publicity is bad publicity. Unless people threaten to boycott your product.