Marvel’s Avengers Next War Table Introduces Hawkeye and Next-Gen

Marvel’s Avengers Next War Table Introduces Hawkeye and Next-Gen

Marvel's Avengers is getting another War Table Deep Dive. This time Crystal Dynamics will dig into Hawkeye and the next-gen updates.

Marvel’s Avengers launched back in September 2020 to a mostly tepid response. Many praised the single-player, but the multi-player had all kinds of issues. In fact, things were in such a poor state that Crystal Dynamics had to push back the release of Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and the next-gen versions. Back in December, Kate Bishop was finally added to the game. However, we still haven’t seen Hawkeye or those next-gen versions. That all changes very soon. On February 16 we’ll get a War Table Deep Dive where they’ll be showing both of those off. Check out the announcement below.

Obviously, I think everyone (including the dev team) would prefer if this had all launched a long time ago. That said, you have to appreciate that they are at least sticking with Marvel’s Avengers for now. Of course, given the size of the property, they almost have to. I mean, Marvel is one of the biggest IPs on the planet. You can’t exactly quietly walk away from it just because it was a bit of a stinker out of the gate.

The hope is that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix can get the game on track. The single-player portion of the game proved that the team knows how to make a good Avengers game. They just weren’t able to translate that experience over to multiplayer. Hopefully, with more time, they’ll get there. I still probably won’t play it myself, but that community deserves the best version of that game possible.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The War Table drops on February 16. Presumably, both Hawkeye and the next-gen updates will follow sometime shortly after.