Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man Isn't Associated with Insomniac Games' Version of the Character

Crystal Dynamics has said it is creating its own take on Spider-Man for the upcoming release of Marvel's Avengers.

August 3, 2020

After some confusion over the past 24-hours (partially due to our own reporting) Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced today that Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers in 2021 as an exclusive character on PS4 and PS5. And while, naturally, given the cross-promotion, you might expect that Insomniac Games’ iteration of Spider-Man would be the one swinging into Avengers, that won’t be happening whatsoever.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, some initial details on Spider-Man heading to Marvel’s Avengers were provided and the post made sure to specify that it is “our own Crystal Dynamics take on Spider-Man” that is heading to the game. This means that if you thought Yuri Lowenthal’s version of Peter Parker from Insomniac’s PS4 title would be the one that would naturally be heading over to Avengers, well, turns out your wrong. Crystal Dynamics didn’t provide much other information about what to expect from its own iteration of the character, but it did say that the base design for Spidey is being modeled after Steve Ditko and John Romita’s version of the wallcrawler.


What’s somewhat bizarre about this whole situation is that it almost would have made way more sense for Insomniac’s take on Spider-Man to be the one to appear in Avengers. Those who played Marvel’s Spider-Man back when it launched in 2018 are likely aware that the Avengers are mentioned a handful of times throughout the game. Heck, Spidey himself even mentions at one point that they happen to be out on the west coast during the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which almost could have lined up with the A-Day plot that kickstarts the events of Marvel’s Avengers.

The fact that Insomniac’s take on the character isn’t the one being included also makes the PlayStation exclusivity a bit more bizarre, too. While it’s a good bet that the reason Spider-Man is exclusive to PlayStation is because Sony specifically has a deal with Marvel Games, the fact that the world’s most popular superhero won’t be coming to other platforms is a bit of a bummer. Alas, today’s announcement has surely convinced that many more people to pick the game up on a PlayStation platform, however.

Marvel’s Avengers is set to launch next month on September 4 and will initially be coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. Xbox Series X and PS5 installments will be arriving when the next-gen consoles release, too.

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