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Marvel's Spider-Man Player Uncovers a Green Goblin Related Easter Egg

In Marvel's Spider-Man, what seemed like a throwaway, random assortment of numbers may have actually been a deep callback to the roots of Green Goblin.

January 14, 2019

Editor’s Note: Slight spoilers for Marvel’s Spider-Man are mentioned in this article. Read at your own peril. 

Easter eggs are typically strewn all about video games, especially licensed ones. Sometimes though, you’d need a deeper knowledge of the material at hand in order to even find an Easter egg that may have been included. The most recent example of this was discovered by one Marvel’s Spider-Man player upon a subsequent playthrough of the game.

Over on Reddit, user Tnv1994frm posted that he found an Easter Egg dealing with the Green Goblin in his fifth playthrough of the title. During the portion of the game where you examine some of Osborn’s prototype weapons, one of the serial numbers found associated with the Oscorp prototypes seemingly pointed back to something from the comic book history of Spider-Man.

The serial number in question, which was listed as “GG14071964”, points back to the first appearance of the villainous Green Goblin from The Amazing Spider-Man comics. The “GG” obviously is meant to reference Green Goblin, the “14” is indicative of issue #14 which is where Green Goblin first debuted, and the “071964” is the release date of said issue in July 1964. As I said, it’s a deep cut Easter Egg, but Insomniac Games clearly knew what they were doing when they added this.

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Funnily enough, when I played through Marvel’s Spider-Man myself, I had my eyes peeled for hidden secrets just like this. I’m something of a comic book collector myself (especially with The Amazing Spider-Man series) and I figured that Insomniac would be likely to add callbacks to the original source material just like this, so I was sure to stay on the lookout for any noteworthy numbers. Unfortunately, I didn’t spot this Easter egg in particular, but I’m glad that someone else did because it basically affirmed my suspicions. Now I’m left wondering how many other deep secrets were placed into the game just like this.

Anyway, maybe I’ll suit back up and head back into Marvel’s Spider-Man soon to see if I can find any hidden gems like this for myself. You can see the serial number in question from this story attached below.

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