Insomniac Games Developers Discuss Process of Designing Spidey's New Suit for Marvel's Spider-Man

Listen to some of the key devs of Marvel's Spider-Man talk about the decisions behind creating the game's newest suit.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been out for almost a couple weeks at this point and if you haven’t heard, it’s pretty good. Sony and Insomniac Games still aren’t done sharing new details about the project and the thought that went into its development.

Today, a new video was released which features many members of both Insomniac Games and Marvel Games discussing the process of creating the new iconic White Spider suit for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Devs such creative director Bryan Intihar and art director Jacinda Chew explain that even though they knew they wanted to design a new suit for the game, they needed to make sure that it remained true to the source material.

They also talk about the decision that went into going with the larger white spider symbol rather than the usual black one and it actually makes a lot of sense. When playing the game, you’ll be zooming around New York City so quickly that they wanted to ensure players could still easily track Spidey’s movements. They found that the white spider stuck out a bit more and was easier to follow. Additionally, they even go into further details on the texturing of the outfit and why they made certain decisions when it comes to what the suit consists of.

The new video is attached at the bottom of the page and it’s actually a really insightful and fun watch. Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on PS4 and can be purchased on Amazon.

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