Marvel's Spider-Man Gets More Puddles Alongside New Photo Mode Features

Marvel's Spider-Man just got a whole lot wetter.

Marvel’s Spider-Man received the long-awaited New Game+ mode yesterday along with a new Ultimate difficulty mode. While there have been fixes to the game with the update, it has also received some new photo mode filters and stickers as well as a shortcut to launch photo mode.

You might recall Insomniac Games coming under fire before launching Marvel’s Spider-Man for allegedly downgrading after a scene from the E3 trailer showed up in a release build with fewer puddles. Community Director James Stevenson already addressed the situation stating the lighting had been changed from the suns direction, and they had reduced the number of puddles in that area.

In the latest update, The photo mode in Marvel’s Spider-Man now comes with a puddle sticker, a dig at the puddle controversy Insomniac Games had to deal with. User Interface/User Experience Lead Gil Doron Tweeted the below tweet stating that there is now a shortcut for photo mode, new frames, and new stickers with the ability to rotate them. And of course the puddle stickers were shown off in the attached image for that Tweet.

Players certainly seem to have been having fun with the new puddle sticker, so I’ve attached a few images below that show player’s making Marvel’s Spider-Man wetter.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now exclusively for PS4. You can read our review on the title, or you can watch it if video reviews are your thing.

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