Marvel’s Spider-Man Update 1.07 Arrives Tomorrow and Finally Adds New Game+

Marvel’s Spider-Man Update 1.07 Arrives Tomorrow and Finally Adds New Game+

Perhaps the most requested new feature of Marvel's Spider-Man is finally coming to the game tomorrow.

Along with revealing the first details of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s first DLC pack entitled The Heist today, Insomniac Games have also provided a new update on more content that’s slated to arrive tomorrow.

Update 1.07 for Marvel’s Spider-Man will officially roll out tomorrow, October 17, and with it will finally come the addition of New Game+. Insomniac Games announced about a month ago that this new mode was in the works for Marvel’s Spider-Man but we still didn’t have a specific timetable as to when it would finally arrive.


In addition to letting you replay Marvel’s Spider-Man through once again with all of your unlockables and skills carrying over, Insomniac also stated that this new patch will add two new trophies and a new difficulty mode. The new trophies will be associated with both completing a run of New Game+ in addition to beating the game on the new Ultimate difficulty. As for other notable new additions, stickers will now be able to be rotated in Photo Mode along with a few other various bug fixes.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for this New Game+ mode to dive back into Marvel’s Spider-Man for a while now. This along with The Heist launching next week means I’ll once again be web-slinging around New York City over the coming days, and I’m so excited to do so.