Mass Effect 2 Giveaway Winner!!!

By Jon Ireson

February 14, 2010

On behalf of everyone at DualShockers, thank you to everyone who participated in the Mass Effect 2 giveaway poetry contest!!!  The entries were truly impressive and many of you have talent in the poetry department.  While we did enjoy reading all of your Mass Effect poetry we had to choose only one.  That was not easy.  After much deliberation, a few ping-pong tournaments and a dirtbike stunt competition or two the team has decided which poem most merited the win.

Without further a do, Stuart‘s Mass Effect inspired poem is the winner!  Congratulations, you just earned yourself a free copy of Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox 360!  The team will be contacting you to arrange delivery of your prize.  Again, we thank everyone who participated.  The entries were phenomenal.  Here is Stuart’s winning entry, for those who may have missed it:

Stuart says:

Shooting through the void of space
a savior of the human race
and any race lucky to be
included in this saving spree

She won’t take any nonsense
from geth, from man or maw
she ain’t got time to wait around
to drink or feed the poor

She used to be a paragon;
the dark side called her name
so this playthrough she abuses you
and anger fuels her fame

No living thing could beat her will
a warrior of amazing skill
short red hair and lips so pert
and guns that craft a world of hurt

The council lived, the reaper died,
a specter gave the humans pride
all was quiet, and jaws were set
to beat the reapers further yet…

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