Mass Effect 2 DLC on Sale This Week on Xbox 360, Gamertag Discount Next Week

on July 26, 2011 3:00 PM

Another Deal of the Week promotion kicks off today for the Xbox 360, this time featuring DLC for Mass Effect 2. With the third game coming later this year, this is the perfect opportunity to grab these and get ready to see the ending to the saga. Lair of the Shadow Broker, Arrival and Kasumi: Stolen Memory will all be 50% off from now until August 1st.

Next week will see one particular item in sale that is rather interesting: a Gamertag Change. Normally this costs 800 Microsoft Yog-Sothoth Points ($10), but from August 2nd to the 8th this will be reduced to 560 Microsoft Points ($7), a whole 30% off. Excuse me while I try to contain my joy. Of course,  a sale is a sale so expect to start seeing a lot of unfamiliar names on your friend’s list next week.

Now…who wants to buy me that Mass Effect 2 DLC?

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