Mass Effect 2 is On the House for PC on Origin; Available Free Right Now

Mass Effect 2 is On the House for PC on Origin; Available Free Right Now

The beloved sci-fi RPG is now available free for a limited time through Origin's "On the House" program for PC players, ahead of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Every month or so, EA’s Origin platform on PC offers up the chance to dig in to some of the company’s revered classics and latest hits, and in celebration of the announcement that Mass Effect Andromeda is coming in just a few months, players new and old of the series can play through Mass Effect 2 for free.

EA has revealed that Mass Effect 2 is now available for free as part of Origin’s “On the House” program, which rotates out a free game for Origin users to add to their library and play every few weeks to a month. All you have to do to grab the title is log on to Origin and head to the “On the House” section and, once added, is yours forever.

Mass Effect 2 originally released in January 2010 on Xbox 360 and PC, and arrived one year later on PS3. Since its release, Mass Effect 2 received critical acclaim and commercial success as the second installment in the beloved sci-fi RPG series, and is often heralded as the best entry in the series – you can read our original 10.0 review of the title in case you had any doubts.

Mass Effect 2 is currently available free as part of On the House on Origin for a limited time – to grab the game and begin playing, just click here to head over to the Origin online store page.