Mass Effect 3 Celebrates One Year with Stats

Mass Effect 3 Celebrates One Year with Stats

Bioware is currently celebrating the one year release of Mass Effect 3 with the current operation going on, Operation Lodestar, that rewards players that complete it with a new banner.

There have been several DLCs released for the game’s single player and multiplayer that have brought gamers to new worlds and experience what it is like to fight on the front lines or take the reigns as Shepard in the fight to liberate the galaxy. Multiplayer has gotten weekly challenges for the whole year and received over forty new kits, ten maps, dozens of upgrades, and the Collectors to face off against.

As part of the celebration for this milestone Bioware has released a new info-graph detailing stats from the multiplayer game that can be seen below. Some starts are interesting, such as the fact that only 1% of matches that are completed are Platinum or the most used weapon is the Cerberus Harrier.

Those that have yet to play Mass Effect will want to pick up Mass Effect Trilogy that is available for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. This is a great chance for gamers to catch up on this great series and the multiplayer does not spoil anything for those that want to play with their friends or help in shattering these records.