Discontented Mass Effect 3 Players Launch Campaign Requesting New Ending

Discontented Mass Effect 3 Players Launch Campaign Requesting New Ending

Yes, this is for real. We discussed the first ten hours with you during yesterday’s Dualshockers Game Club event and the responses you sent us were positive, but apparently feelings change during the final ten hours. It seems the entitled gamers Joel mentioned have mobilized efforts to get Bioware add either a patch or DLC content to change Mass Effect 3’s ending.

Discontented fans have launched a three pronged assault at Bioware with a petition on Bioware’s social network, a Facebook page, and a “retake ME3Twitter campaign. There is also a poll about fan’s opinions on Bioware Forums, which at the time of this writing already has over 20,000 votes. Be warned — spoilers abound on all  of these links.

Now, I think we can all agree that free speech is a good thing. The right to express a negative opinion is not under debate. But is this really a legitimate movement? Would people expect to get a comparable film production studio to gather their entire crew together after a film’s release and pull together a completely new ending after the fact?

I’ll grant that this is an easier demand to accommodate, but on principle such a request seems presumptuous — the typical response when a consumer is dissatisfied with something as intangible as a story is to simply complain about it and hope the  writer comes up with something better next time. Does the fact that game developers create downloadable content after a game’s initial release oblige them to undermine their own narrative decisions because fans don’t like them?

There is, of course, no definitive answer to that question — but we’d be interested to hear our reader’s thoughts on the subject.