Mass Effect 3 Voice Actors Working on Expanded Ending DLC

on May 6, 2012 6:00 PM

For some time people have been speculating that for the promised DLC to come and expand on the current ending of Mass Effect 3 the voice actors would have to be called back in for new recordings. Since the announcement that a DLC was coming to expand on the ending fans have been carefully watching the voice actor’s blogs and twitter for hints of more work.

EDI, also known as Tricia Helfer, and Raphael Sbarge, the voice of Kaden Alenko have both now tweeted that they are back recording, though they did not specify if it was for the ending or not. While it’s fairly certain that Mass Effect 3 will have more DLC in the future, the ending DLC is the only one that has been announced other then the free multiplayer-only Resurgence Pack.

However today Mass Effect Producer┬áMichael Gamble announced on Twitter that the voice actors were indeed working on the expanded ending DLC. How far away is it? Who knows, but the actors playing the star child and Harbinger have not been confirmed as back at work…yet.

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