Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Another New Trailer, Images and Story Info: Alec Ryder and More Revealed

Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Another New Trailer, Images and Story Info: Alec Ryder and More Revealed

After the reveal of the new official cinematic trailer of Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare also updated the page of the Andromeda Initiative, with a new video and new information, part of which requires you to log in after subscribing to the Andromeda Initiative itself.

We get an introduction trailer, which you can see at the bottom of the post (and that looks really great, even if it’s just cinematics) a few images including artwork, and more info about three specific topics of the story, including Alec Ryder, who is the father of the two protagonists, Scott and Sarah Ryder.

Environmental Conditions

While the Andromeda Initiative’s long-range scans have identified several potentially-habitable planets in the Heleus cluster, the possibility of encountering harsh planetary conditions during the search for a suitable Golden World exists. The Pathfinder and their team will be responsible for assessing and exploring any environment deemed necessary as the mission unfolds.

The Pathfinder

Alec Ryder – Human Pathfinder

A seasoned galactic explorer, Alec Ryder was a member of Jon Grissom’s original task force which travelled through the Charon mass relay – the first encountered by humanity – in 2149. Ryder would go on to further prove his mettle by completing N7 training, solidifying himself as one of the Alliance military’s elite. Eventually recruited into the role of Pathfinder for the Andromeda Initiative, Ryder represents the tip of the spear in humanity’s efforts to find a new home in this unknown galaxy.

The Andromeda Initiative

Founded in 2176 and launched in 2185, the Andromeda Initiative is a civilian, multi-species project created to send scientists, explorers and colonists on a one-way trip to settle in the Andromeda Galaxy. With powerful benefactors lending their support, the program has grown substantially in scope since its inception. The Initiative’s ultimate goal is to establish a permanent presence on the seemingly resource-rich frontier of Andromeda, and eventually create a reliable route between it and the Milky Way Galaxy.

The video, which you can enjoy below, gives more information about the game’s story, and even a small glimpse at the schematics of some of the equipment and vehicles that we’ll get to use.

Mass Effect Andromeda will release in the spring of 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.