Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Details on PS4 Pro and Story: “Mass Effect Really Makes HDR Sing”

Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Details on PS4 Pro and Story: “Mass Effect Really Makes HDR Sing”

Following the PlayStation Meeting in New York, that has seen the announcement of the new PS4 Pro, BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn talked more about the new console and Mass Effect Andromeda (which we saw earlier today in a rather amazing trailer).

According to Flynn, when you make a sci-fi world like Mass Effect, so much of it depends on color and vibrancy. Aliens and environments are colorful, and HDR brings that out much better.

“A game like Mass Effect just really makes HDR Sing because of everything you can do with it.”

Flynn hopes that gamers will give HDR a chance, check it out at electronics stores or at friends’ houses, because “it’s amazing.”

We also hear more about Mass Effect Andromeda: the protagonist and many more humans have fled the milky way and traveled to the Andromeda Galaxy to create a new home for humanity. Other races like Krogans and Asari will also come along. The story begins as the player arrives, and it’s his (or hers) job as the Pathfinder to start the building of a new home for the human races.

The game includes exploration, quests and a galactic-level mystery to unravel that forms the “critical path” of the storyline.

The game includes familiar elements like N7, the same alien species that were in the previous games, but the new setting lets the developers introduce new things. They want to give people a real sense of what it’s like to travel to a new galaxy, and the only familiar things are what humanity brought with it on the giant ships named “Arks.”

Flynn also gave credit to Sony for bringing out a new console with more horsepower “slightly faster than expected.” They intend to use the extra power for resolution, allowing the game to looks sharper, cleaner and more detailed, and HDR to add more visual power and make everything look more intense and real.

The game will still look great on the original PS4. It was initially designed for the older console, and the team had no idea about the Pro when they started development. According to Flynn, it will still be an amazing experience on PS4, but it will be better on PS4 Pro.

We also hear that more info about Mass Effect: Andromeda will come on N7 Day, on November 7th.