Mass Effect Andromeda Gets New Screenshot and Lots of Info on Progression, Romance, Gear and More

The gradual trickle of information and images on Mass Effect Andromeda continues despite the weekend.

With Mass Effect Andromeda coming quickly, BioWare’s developers are continuing to trickle down relevant information on the game.

This time around we hear from Creative Director Mac Walters, Lead Designer Ian Frazier, and Producer Fernando Melo.

First of all, we learn more details about the setting of the game. It’s set in a single star cluster named Heleus. Like in the Mass Effect trilogy you can travel within the cluster using conventional faster than light navigation.  Open exploration planets will be big, rich and full of stories, characters, combat and activities. There are also many missions, hubs and loyalty quests,

Sara and Scott Ryder have actual differences in dialogue besides romance. The team tried to make them more than just gender-swapped clones of each other.

Romance options are not limited to the squad, but there are an unspecified number of potential partners beyond squad mates. That said, Frazier mentioned that “a couple” of his favorite romances are with non-squadmates, so there should be at least two.

You can do multiple New Game+ cycles on the same character, and enemy difficulty will keep scaling with each. That said, it’s based on your level, not on the number of cycles.

Both the player and squad mates can keep leveling until they run out of things to spend points on. Squad mates top off long before Ryder does, but still beyond where BioWare expects the average player’s “endgame” to be. Squad mates level up passively even if they don’t come with you on missions.

You can improve life support, but not completely become immune to planetary hazards. Yet, there might be “other ways” to deal with them.

The armor customization we saw yesterday for multiplayer is included even in single player. Single player also has an option to auto-match different armor pieces.

The majority of armor in single player is broken down into helmet, arms, chest and legs, which you can mix and match. There are “full body” suots with arms, chest and legs in one piece, but even those can be customized in color and pattern.

We also learn that, controllers on PC will have aim-assist, but it can be turned off if you dislike it.

Last, but not least, we get to see a new screenshots from the game’s multiplayer, showing a Turian character and the first look at bonus stats, that  will appear for the first time in Mass Effect Andromeda. Frazier explains that this is Mass Effect Andromeda’s “prestige” mechanic. For example, playing any character with the shields bonus stat can earn you +shields for all your characters, up to a cap.

If you want to see more, you can enjoy a recent trailer, alongside an older one, and more screenshots.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 21st in North America and on March 23rd in Europe.

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