Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets New Trailer Focused on Exploration and Discovery

Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets New Trailer Focused on Exploration and Discovery

Today, developer BioWare released the third trailer (you can watch the first one here and the second here) in its new Mass Effect: Andromeda’s gameplay series, focusing in on the games’ exploration and discovery.

The trailer begins by stating that Andromeda is full of beautiful worlds to explore, and that the game’s story is contained within the the Helius Cluster, a portion of space populated with dozens of star systems.

You can navigate the star systems via the Tempest, specifically using it’s on-board galaxy map. From planets, to moons, to anomalies and starships, where ever you’re in Helius you will be able to see outside your ships windows in real time, something that had already been confirmed, but is finally shown off in the trailer.

In Andromeda, there is over 100 planets to discover, and a handful of beautifully crafted planets to land on. Each world you visit is said to have its own story, its own characters, and of course, its own challenges.

The trailer then transitions to showing off the planet Eledin, where the heat on the planet can be deadly, water is scarce, and the surface is dotted with mysterious ancient artifacts which are guarded by dangerous creatures. Basically, in order to live here, you have to be desperate or a Krogan, but even the Krogan aren’t happy and they don’t trust anyone from the Initiative, least of all the Pathfinder. How you deal with the Krogan and the above mentioned challenges will ultimately determine your success on the planet.

Before you set to out to explore the planet you will get an update for your AI which will point out key locations, however, where you decide to go from here is up to you.

The trailer then showcases the game’s new all-terrain land vehicle, the Nomad, which is key to covering the vast landscapes found within the game. You can also enhance the Nomad with a series of functional upgrades, designed to give you better boosts, better jumps, better handling, and more.

While you’re exploring, one of the key objectives will discover locations to call down forward stations. Once found, each of these will act as a fast travel point, allow you to change your loadout, or serve as a place to recall your Nomad if it gets lost or destroyed. They also offer resupply and protection from environmental hazards. In Andromeda, all the planets have localized and or global hazards.

As you explore the planet you will discover new locations, new characters, etc., and all of these discoveries will raise the viability of the planet. Increasing viability of a planet allows for two things: the creation of an outpost and the ability upgrade the nexus, the Andromeda Initiative space station. Before a planet can support the station, you will at least need to gets its viability to 40 percent, which can be done by pacifying threats, aligning yourself with locals, solving environmental problems, and accomplishing specific tasks.

Your exploration and discoveries will also give you Andromeda viability points. Reaching thresholds in this regard will allow you to upgrade the Nexus and wake up more colonists from cryo sleep. Who you decide to wake up, will determine what types of perks and advantages you will get.

Additionally, the worlds will also hold a vast network of massive ancient vaults, figuring out how to access these vaults can be a huge challenge in itself. It is said unlocking the mysteries of these vaults and “getting them back online” might unlock the key to survival in the Andromeda galaxy.

You can check all of this out, and more, via the trailer at the bottom of the article.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is slated to release on March 21, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.