Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets New Initiative Video Detailing the Game's "Golden Worlds"

Today, developer BioWare and publisher EA released a new Mass Effect: Andromeda video, specifically a new Initiative video. Titled, “Golden Worlds Briefing,” the new Initiative video talks and shows the type of planets Pathfinders will seek for humanity’s next home, as well revealed bits of information about the game.

The video begins by stating that in Mass Effect: Andromeda, the search for a new home begins with the search for solid ground and safe harbor, the search for a “golden world.” Without Mass Relays, your efforts will focus on a particular pocket of stars called the Helius Cluster. In a galaxy of one trillion stars, Helius is said to have rich resources and seven promising golden worlds that have been labeled habitats 1 through 7. These worlds, according to the video, represent humanity’s best chance at finding a new home.

Golden worlds should not only be able to sustain life, but be rich in minerals in order to supply colonies of the Initiative itself.

According to the video, the Nexus (the Andromeda Initiative space station) requires vast quantities of Helium 3, water, ice, and element zero, to continue functioning. The more resources you gather, the more upgrades to the Nexus you can complete, and the more colonists you can awake from cyro sleep (which in turn gives you specific perks).

The video continues by stating that there is no way of knowing what state these golden worlds will be in until you, the player, arrives at each one of them.  However, some preliminary data has provided data for each of the planets:

Habitat 1 – An arid world with vast underground rivers. Despite the desert climate, temperatures on Habitat 1 are well within a comfortable range for settlement

Habitat 2 – A large moon orbiting a gas giant, Habitat 2 is said to be rich in minerals and could serve as an important resource for generations to come.

Habitat 3 – A planet of lush jungle canopies and rolling hills.

Habitat 4 – Preliminary scans show Habitat 4 has a rich amount of liquid surface water, making it an ideal candidate for life sustaining world.

Habitat 5 –  This planet is said to be an ideal home for the Initiative’s Turian and Quarian colonists.

Habitat 6 – Scans show that Habitat six have wide oceans and a temperate climate.

Habitat 7 – This planet is said to have all the markers of a tropical paradise. Habitat 7 will be your first destination upon arrival, and is described as your potential future home.

As the Pathfinder, you and your team will explore these planets to determine their viability, which includes: pacifying unseen threats, aligning with potential indigenous populations, resolving environmental problems, and establishing outposts. Once an outpost is established,  word to the Nexus is sent and more colonists are woken up to continue the migration.

Mass Effect: Andromeda launches March 21, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Below, you can check out the new video:

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