Mass Effect Andromeda: New Video Glimpses on Launch Trailer and MP Map, Screenshot and Info Shared

Mass Effect Andromeda: New Video Glimpses on Launch Trailer and MP Map, Screenshot and Info Shared

Mass Effect Andromeda will be playable tomorrow at PAX East, but you don't need to wait to see something new.

With Mass Effect Andromeda coming soon, the development team is continuing to deliver small glimpses and interesting nuggets of information.

The official BioWare account, Producer Fernando Melo, Producer  and Lead Designer Ian Frazier.

First of all, we get a tease of the launch trailer, that will come tomorrow. We also get a quick video look of the Firebase Sandstorm multiplayer map, that wull be playable at PAX East starting tomorrow. You can see both videos at the bottom of the post. We also learn that while multiplayer kits have pre-selected weapons at PAX, that’s just a temporary setting to help moving the demo along. They will be selectable in the full game. Incidentally, weapons can still be upgraded by getting duplicates in packs.

Speaking of multiplayer, we also get a new screenshot, this time revealing the Multiplayer Challenges system.

We learn that there is no way to sell or destroy consumables you acquire in multiplayer, and that rext chat won’t be available on PC. Like on console, it’ll be voice-only.

We also get one more detail on PC options. It’s possible to disable post-processing effects, which includes both depth of field and motion blur, but it’s not possible to disable either independently. That said, Frazier mentioned that if there are lots of requests for it, it could be added in a patch.

Speaking of single player, the email system included in Mass Effect 2 and 3 will make a comeback in Andromeda. Interestingly, temperature measurements will only be in Celsius, as the team wanted to capture the “scientific feel.”

When you pick one of the Ryder twins, the other won’t be available in battle as a companion, as they have “their own thing going on.”

If you’re staying away from spoilers, the launch trailer will include a “little” according to Frazier, like your average movie trailer. On the other hand, Gamble recommended not to read the achievements if you don’t want spoilers.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 21st in North America and on March 23rd in Europe. If you want to see more, you can check out a recent ameplay video and screenshots.