Mass Effect: Andromeda Overhauling Choice System; No More Paragon/Renegade System

on November 8, 2016 11:30 AM

Thanks to NeoGAF User shinobi602 and to GameInformer, we now know that Mass Effect Andromeda is overhauling the series’ previous choice system, and is specifically doing away with the traditional Paragon and Renegade options.

Here are all the changes to the choice system we know as of right now:

-No more Paragon/Renegade system
-More nuance and subtlety and giving the player more opportunity to express themselves
-You can agree or disagree with someone without being punished or cornered into a paragon or renegade choice
-Dialogue option tones: heart, head, professional and casual.
-These don’t affect you or sway a meter one way or another, rather they allow you freedom without worrying about unintended consequences
-“Narrative actions” (previously “interrupts) return but rather than giving a “red”=bad or “blue”=good choice, it can say “shoot”, leaving more ambiguity to your choice
-Decisions aren’t necessarily obvious “right” or “wrong”, there are pros and cons to each and you’ll just have to play the game the way you want

Personally, this news excites me. The previous Renegade and Paragon system was far too black and white. The new system sounds far more dynamic, and should allow each player to have a more distinct protagonist than the previous games did.

Mass Effect Andromeda is currently slated for a Spring 2017 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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