Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 Pro vs PS4 1080p Screenshot Comparison: You’ll Have to Squint on This One

Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 Pro vs PS4 1080p Screenshot Comparison: You’ll Have to Squint on This One

Mass Effect Andromeda certainly looks a bit better on PS4 Pro if you're limited by a 1080p screen, but the difference with the standard PS4 is not huge.

Mass Effect Andromeda is getting close to its massively anticipated release, and if you have a 4K TV and a PS4 Pro, you can take full advantage of the 1800p checkerboard resolution, but what if you’re limited, like many of us, by a 1080p monitor?

To answer that question, we captured a batch of screenshots of the game running on PS4 Pro and on PS4, as usual reproducing the same scenes as closely as possible, sticking to 1080p resolution for both consoles.

The screenshots are evenly split between gameplay and cutscenes/conversation, since the latter is definitely a very important element of the game, and you’ll spend a lot of time picking answers for your personal Ryder.

The screenshots were taken with an Elgato capture card, and saved in lossless PNG, in order to retain the highest degree of fidelity. As usual, you should probably not load them if you’re on a limited data internet connection, because they’re rather big and bandwidth-heavy.

As you probably summarized on your own by watching the screenshots, there isn’t a huge difference when rendering on a 1080p screen.

Antialiasing is slightly better on PS4 Pro, and that’s mostly noticeable on curved edges like the dashboard of the tempest.

One of the best areas that show the difference in resolution is the blue scanner “beam” on top of the alien structure. Due to limitations of the rendering engine, anti-aliasing is not applied to transparent objects, so you can see the jaggies with no filters, and they’re evidently mitigated on PS4 Pro.

Higher definition on PS4 Pro also applies to texture detail, hair, foliage and normal mapping. The difference in normal mapping detail (which applies a 3D effect on texture) is fairly noticeable on Suvi Anwar’s clothes.

The game also appears to have a slightly stronger ambient occlusion effect on PS4 Pro (quite visible in the shaded area of Ryder’s armor), while frame rate is more stable at 30 FPS.

That said, as mentioned before, the difference definitely isn’t large, and you’ll have to squint to notice it, especially if you’re sitting on a couch six feet from the screen.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 21st in North America and on March 23rd in Europe.

If you want to see more, you can also check out over thirty minutes of PS4 Pro gameplay, and our video preview of the character creator of the game.