Mass Effect Andromeda’s Team Still Working on Day One Patch; Info on Install Size, Gameplay and More

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Team Still Working on Day One Patch; Info on Install Size, Gameplay and More

BioWare provides more information about its upcoming RPG Mass Effect Andromeda, while the team is still working on the day one patch.

The massively anticipated RPG by BioWare Mass Effect Andromeda went gold yesterday, and today Lead Designer Ian Frazier followed up with a lot of interesting information about the game on Twitter.

We learn that a good portion of the team is still working on the day one patch, and that it should be ready five days early for those that will get to play the game before launch thanks to EA and Origin Access. That said Producer Michael Gamble intervened mentioning that this is just the plan, and it’s not 100% guaranteed. Frazier also believes that the day one patch will be included in the pre-load for the game.

We also learn that the game on consoles will weigh “atleast 45, not more than 60” gigabytes (on PC, the game takes 55 Gigabytes). If you’re instead planning to get the game on PC, you’ll be delighted to know that it will have more graphical option than its predecessors, which were quite limited in that department.

The profile/favorite systems works the same on PC and consoles, but if you play with keyboard and mouse you’ll be able to assign four favorites to hotkeys.

Interestingly, Mass Effect Andromeda will have a New Game+ after finishing the title, and there will be more casual outfits available on the Tempest than the pre-order hoodie and the one seen in the trailers. Speaking about multiplayer, it will be peer-to-peer, like the one for Mass Effect 3.

Frazier also clarified an erroneous statement made (and never corrected, at least at the moment of this writing) on a preview by VG24/7, which alleged that the squad mate with the least lines in Mass Effect Andromeda still has more than Shepard in Mass Effect 3. This is incorrect, and should read that the squad made with the least lines in Andromeda has more than the squad mate with the most lines in 3.

The Warp biotic power won’t make a comeback in Andromeda, as Frazier explains that it had too much overlap with other powers, and the team wants everything to have an unique role.

We also learn that squad mates use their skill automatically in battle. You give general orders (attack, defend, rally) and the squad-mate’s AI takes it from there. Your skill choices  for them help in guiding the AI itself.

Yesterday, we got a brand new trailer and the PC system requirements, and you can also check out an older trailer, and the latest screenshots.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 21st in North America and on March 23rd in Europe.