Mass Effect: Andromeda’s First Trailer in New Gameplay Series Released; Focuses on Weapons and Skills

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s First Trailer in New Gameplay Series Released; Focuses on Weapons and Skills

Today, developer BioWare released the first trailer in its new Mass Effect: Andromeda’s gameplay series, focusing in on the game’s weapons and skills. In addition to showcasing more, new gameplay footage, the trailer also boasts a bit of multiplayer footage as well.

The trailer starts of by introducing Mass Effect: Andromeda’s action as being built around fluid, fast-paced, third-person combat. In combat, you will have a great level of freedom in movement, thanks to the jump-jet, which allows you to jump, evade, and hover while you’re fighting.

There is also a new dynamic cover system, that seemingly allows you to use anything as cover. All of this freedom is said to allow you, the player, to approach any battle in a way that suits your style.

The trailer then shifts its focus to the game’s weapons, revealing that there is four categories of guns: pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, and assault rifles. There is also a range of melee weapons, such as an Asari Sword and Hammers, for up-close combat. All guns are available to every player, meaning there are no class restrictions locking you out of certain weapons.

Guns and gear in Andromeda are said to fall into three different technology types, based on where the tech comes from. One of these types is Milky Way weapons, which tend to use physical projectile ammunition that you will be similar with from the series’ previous games. These are said to be high impact guns that are great against most non-shielded targets, but require you to keep an eye on your ammo. The trailer then goes to show, and provide similar details, for other two type of weaponry, both which are alien, and then briefly talks about the game’s melee weapons.

The trailer then shifts its focus to skill classes. Like the weapons, there are no restrictions on what skills you can choose. Skills are split into three categories: combat, biotics, and tech. Combat skills are great for creating a soldier class, and emphasizing weapons and gear. Tech skills allow you to equip your character with more experimental  weaponry, and allow you to focus on strategic upgrades for you and your squad. Lastly, there is biotics, which allows your pathfinder to control dark energy, and in turn harness the power of mass and gravity.

You can check all of this out, and more, via the trailer at the bottom of the article.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is slated to release on March 21, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.