Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Relationships and Characters Receive More Details; More Relationships Than Ever

on November 8, 2016 6:54 PM

Thanks to NeoGAF User shinobi602 and to the good folk of GameInformer, we have a plethora of Mass Effect: Andromeda news. Some of which has revealed more details about the game’s relationships and characters.

Here’s everything that has been dug up:

-There are more relationships in the game than any other Bioware game (as they noted fans make a big emphasis on romance in the games)
-The squadmate with the least amount of lines in Andromeda has more lines than the squadmate with the most amount of lines in ME3
-Due to complications in the awakening process, your sibling won’t join you in combat but you can interact with them and build a relationship
-Many of these dealings are optional, and discovering more about the Ryder family is a plot thread
-BioWare is confident the details of this story are what differentiates it from a traditional “hero’s journey”
-Loyalty missions return but they are not critical to the ending of the game; you can complete them after you complete the main story path for example
-Emphasis that relationships don’t just culminate in a sex scene, but rather characters can just want to get in the sack, while others are interested in long term relationships and others still aren’t interested at all. Bioware wanted to capture more “shooting bottles with Garrus” moments in the game, of which there are plenty

-Peebee (nickname): Asari squadmate shown in previous footage. Went off on her own after arriving on the Nexus and described as having a “bubbly personality”. She’s smart and not concerned with social norms and “niceties”.
-Liam: Arrived with the Pathfinder, former police officer and described as having a “light attitude”, bringing levity to situations

The news that perhaps sticks out the most to me is the bit about Andromeda’s  voice lines. The squadmate with the least amount of lines in the game has more lines than the squadmate with the most in Mass Effect 3? That’s a ton of lines. Why couldn’t I have that many lines with my Liara? Sad.

Further, the fact that BioWare has realized just how important the relationships are in its games is great news. Dragon Age: Inquisition’s relationships weren’t the best. And if Andromeda is going to be great, it’s going to have be much better in this regard.

Mass Effect Andromeda is currently slated for a Spring 2017 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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